A Poem by S.H. Fielding

We Birth, we breathe.

We die, we leave.

Life is a warm drink,

swallowed too fast and nurtured too long.

Where do we slide between the hyphen?

Whom do we become before the horizon?

Culture invokes an image,

a facade to be desired.

Some fallacies…

A milepost for the stories that have articulated the love I have for both stories and storytelling. One that will most certainly change and evolve but will forever remain a landmark for the storyteller who once lived here.

Stories are creatures, living things that breathe, age, and occasionally reproduce. They may dwell in the thinnest of shells, or the widest of frames. They may graze between the walls of a rainy afternoon. They may brush past those unassuming, only to induce their curiosity into a frenzy of immersion…

An essay about the wedge I find myself stuck between in what has been a historic year for Marvel Studios, in terms of output, but often found myself leaving cold.

The lingering momentum of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently wafting throughout the air with the impending theatrical release of Chloe Zhao’s The Eternals, presently the “talk of the town,” as it were, with the headlines focalizing upon the low Tomatometer score. However, I have not seen the film yet…

A review for Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s classic and how it permits the fear of density to pass through it and remain a stunning gem.

When turning from what was a writer’s path set for silver screens and streaming studios to one befitting of novels and poems, I began to fall down the reader’s hiding hole. That place where your days are spent nestled somewhere warm and cozy (but not too cozy) with a warm…

An essay about digesting the “classic” works of art & the difficulties that come with them.

“Required Reading” is a frequent definition given to particular works of literature. Sometimes, it’s understood with works highlighting racial inequity or patriarchial systems or homophobic histories, all of which should be sought out to…

A film review for Shang-Chi & The Legend of the Ten Rings & its wonderful skill in weaving the rich tapestry of Asian artistry with Marvel’s newest hero.

Part of art is travel; it is rewriting the physics of our known universe and providing transit to foreign lands with the scribble of a pen, the flick of a brush, or the rolling of a camera. In your visits, you may often find yourself somewhere unfamiliar. Relative to you…

An essay about no one close to me wanting to read what I write, or even trying to.

One of the reasons I firmly believe that I struggle with chronic depression, rather than a mild or moderate condition or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), is how my brain spotlights triggers. I…

An essay about the most recent sample of fandom uproar towards an artist’s vision and examining what it means to critique another’s work.

Stan Lee once wrote, “it seems to me that a story without a message, however subliminal, is like a man without a soul.” He did this in…

Shelby Fielding

Writer, Aspiring Author, & Coffee Enthusiast

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